The bee blocks have been designed as a free-standing bee nest in your garden. Designed and made in a Cornish studio the bee brick is an innovative new product which can be used in construction but which can also be placed in your garden as a free standing unit, looking stylish whilst also providing additional habitat for solitary bees.

Each bee block contains cavities in which solitary bees can lay their eggs. The bees then seal the entrance with mud or chewed vegetation and the offspring emerge the following spring and repeat this cycle again. Solitary bees are non aggressive as they have no honey to protect, they will only sting if you squash them and even then their stings are not painful, they are therefore pet and child friendly and should be encouraged and cherished as a vital part of your local biodiversity.

Our bee blocks makes a great gift for the environmentally conscious and for keen gardeners and the smallest size is a perfect little present.

There are three different sizes of bee bricks/blocks available and they work individually but also look great when stacked together.